Accounts.forgotPassword - NOT working in Cordova


I’m having a bit of a weird problem on cordova.
The function posted at the bottom is used to send an automatic email for requesting a reset-password link.
It works perfectly in the browser, a email is sent and i can use that email to create a new password.
However, when I’m on the mobile-device using the app build there’s no email sent after i enter my email. Is this a known problem? It seems like such a odd thing that i can’t understand how it would be platform related.

 'click .lostPassword': function() {
   var that = this;
   title: "Send new password link",
   template: 'Reset Password',
   okText: 'Submit',
   cancelText: 'Abort',
   onOk: function(event,response) {
    var resp = {email: response}
    Accounts.forgotPassword(resp, null); // THIS DOESNT SEEM TO WORK IN CORDOVA
  onCancel: function() {
 inputType: 'text',
 inputPlaceholder: 'test'

edit: Still havn’t been able to find out what causes this problem.