Accounts.forgotPassword() succeeded, but no email received

Hey guys, I’m experiencing a rather weird issue here, appreciate any help or suggestions.

I set up my mail url in my server startup function:

process.env.MAIL_URL = "smtps://";

Using Accounts.forgotPassword() from the client works perfectly on localhost. Once I pushed it to production (AWS, MUP), the function returns without error, but I do not receive any email at all.

Switching to calling a method on the server which in turn returns Accounts.sendResetPasswordEmail(), I was able to see the full result returned. Same thing, no errors, but no email received.

In both cases, I was able to call Email.send() from the production environment which was able to send emails to the same address.

I’m running 1.6. Any ideas?

Does anyone have any clue about this? Thanks in advance!