Accounts.loginWithFacebook in Meteor + Ionic


Hello all,

I’m using Meteor with Ionic. I’ve initially setup the Ionic project, and inside it set up my Meteor project. I’m using angular-meteor and meteor-client-side to make the 2 work together. All my pages and flow-control are served by Ionic and Angular controllers.
my Meteor server is on port 3005 and Ionic server is on port 8100.

I’m trying to use accounts-facebook package, mainly the loginWithFacebook method, in order to login my users with facebook. When the popup for facebook confirmation comes up and I click Accept in order to login, I get redirected to /_oauth/facebook?.. and it just gets stuck there. Doesn’t continue on.
When I close the popup I get a message that the login progress was cancelled, and it doesn’t log me in nor does it create a user in the users collection. Contrary to this, my facebook app DOES get added to my facebook account.

I’d really appreciate some help with this!



I am also having problems with this :confused: Would appreciate some help with this as well!


can you please provide us code base? I am facing same problem.

Recommended way to add new cordova plugin to production Cordova app?

see: Meteor, accounts-facebook vs. ionic client

It works in a browser, but I’m looking for help getting this to work on a device.


I’m also facing problems with Facebook login on device. In browser the login process functions just fine. I’m using Meteor 1.3 + angular-meteor + Ionic.


I got it to work. see this:


@mixersoft: Niceness! I’ll definitely check that out!


Good solution ,

However I have different issue right now as 2 apps ( web & ionic ) using same database . i am using Ionic within Meteor not standalone ionic .

So i will have to separate the service-configuration details .