Accounts-password adding problem, npm-bcrypt error! Please help

Hello, I have error and I cannot continue working because of this. I tried to add accounts-password package but see this error:

Thanks for help!

If you are using Meteor 1.4+. You will probably need to install the build tools and follow the instructions that were done in this post.

Tried almost everything from there, I think this wont help me at all :confused:

Sorry about that. You’re having an error building bcrypt that is need with the new version of node that comes with Meteor 1.4. When I was troubleshooting my issues with upgrading to Meteor 1.4 from I created a new project using Meteor 1.4 and tried to add the accounts-password package and got the error that you got. Once I installed Visual Studio 2015 Community with the C++ build tools. I was able to add the accounts-package to that new app. Have you tried installing Visual Studio 2015 with the c++ build tools then adding the package?

I am installing now Visual Studio Community 2015, will that help?

I believe so. Did you make sure to install the c++ build tools in the installer? It is under Custom -> Programming Languages -> C++. If you did that it ok just open Visual Studio and try to create a C++ project and it will have you install the build tools.


I installed it, everything there was. Everything is ok now. Thank you!