Accounts-password package is flagged on Atmosphere


A StackOverflow question pointed it out. Could this be abuse of some sort?

Needless to say, this package is one of the most popular packages, is maintained by the MDG themselves and did not go through any major changes recently. Having it flagged could deter any newcomer from installing it.

As I don’t see any apparent reason for such flagging, and the flagging activity itself provides no way for the flagger to indicate the reason for flagging, would you consider giving some way to provide such feedback and perhaps monitor flags for highly used packages?


Wow, that’s not good - I was about to open a Meteor issue about this but stopped since this issue is Atmosphere specific. @sashko, what do you think?


Do people actually look at these flags? I feel like we should just remove that feature. @tmeasday @zoltan


I think a lot people flag it because they thought that means it is important like me before! LOL


Is atmosphere even still maintained/working? I had assumed not because for the past few weeks every time I pull it up the “Trending”, “Recent”, and “Most Used” sections are all showing the same list of packages. So, seems like something is bad wrong and nobody cares. Maybe I misinterpreted and something has gotten cached in my browser that broke it.


The flag seems to be down now, but it does not necessarily mean that the issue is resolved and will not occur again, maybe soon.
While I understand that you guys don’t want to invest too many resources into Atmosphere, I think it is worth a thought.