Accounts react packages

Can anyone recommend a decent accounts package for react. I haven’t seen anything 7recently about this topic. At the moment I am using OKGrow:accounts-ui-react which is a blaze package wrapped for react. Are there any good, well supported react packages for accounts?

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Wow, are react people becoming that lazy lately :grinning:
It’s really easy to implement login your own.
Meteor handles oauth and password really well, you do only need to pass state.

No need to be condescending.

A question was asked politely, and it should be answered politely.

This one works well.


we just use Auth0–accounts as a service. They handle all the UI for us.

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It’s really easy to waste a lot of time and get things a little wrong here and there. Accounts is a complex set of features, especially when you’re dealing with custom required fields and social login (Google, Facebook,Twitter, etc.) But congratulations if you find it quite easy; not all of us are as gifted as you.

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