Accounts.ui.config not working in production


I have the following code in a /client/views/main.js file:

    passwordSignupFields: "USERNAME_ONLY"

It works fine in dev, but not anymore in production, neither with build nor meteor --production.
Also tried without Meteor.startup(), and replace "USERNAME_ONLY" with "USERNAME_AND_OPTIONAL_EMAIL" to no avail.

This would be the same problem as!topic/meteor-talk/koO1736UTbE it seems.

Also I use ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3@1.2.60.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Having different behaviors in dev and prod is a bummer :frowning:


Stuck with the exact same problem. Were you able to figure out the reason?


Make sure you put this code in both server and client context, you have it in a client folder


Mm, maybe this is only for useraccounts …