Accounts.ui.config request only a few permissions from entire list


I’m working on application which ues graph api 2.3 and need access to user_likes permission.
After configuring Accounts.ui like so:

if (Meteor.isClient) {

  // configure application facebook permissions for FB Graph Api
    requestPermissions: {
      // after changing the permission list user must logout and login again
      facebook: ['email', 'user_friends', 'user_location', 'user_events', 
'friends_events', 'friends_location', 'friends_about_me',
'user_status', 'friends_status', 'read_friendlists', 'user_likes']
  // end Accounts.ui.config

// end Meteor.isClient

only three permissions appear during the login, and this three are: public profile, email and friend list. What about the rest?