Accounts UI + Emails High response time


I am using accounts-ui and email to a send a email on registration. When a user creates an account, the response time is very high; it shows as nothing happens for a few seconds.

When I disable the email, the registration is way faster.

Kadira shows a response time of more than 2 seconds, with 1.3s on “email”, 0.8 on DB.

Anyone else observed this?

It sounds like your email call is being made synchronously, and from within a portion of the account creation flow which is waiting on the result before proceeding and logging your user in. I would look into making that call asynchronously, and handling any errors within the callback / promise resolution.

@mds4m In fact I am using accounts-ui, so the email part is handled by Meteor. On my side, I just had to configure;

    sendVerificationEmail: true,
    forbidClientAccountCreation: false

Which email provider do you use?

Using OVH (I need 20 characters here)

No one on this ? I have no idea where to look. A precision, I am using accounts-ui for bootstrap, not sure if it’s linked in some ways