Accounts-ui for React


Is there anything comparable to accounts-ui for projects using React instead of Blaze? I was looking for a turn-key package to get Meteor accounts up and running quickly with React.

If not, are there any recent examples or boilerplates that implement a robust React UX for accounts (login, sign up, email verification, etc)?


if you go through the official Meteor React tutorial they show how to make a React component that wraps the Blaze accounts-ui


We have something (not fully done but a few projects already use this plugin)

Check it out:

#4 has an excellent Todo list with accounts UI implemented in React components (not a Blaze wrapper). It’s called react-todos and it is in the examples folder. This is an expanded version of the Simple Todo list in the official tutorial which was also very helpful (thanks for the recommendation). Now if it only had Flow router instead of React router I would be good to go. There is also a leaderboard example in the same folder that demos Material UI which looks very interesting.

The Universe Accounts-UI code is also very helpful. thanks.


You can turn any Blaze template into a React component by using thereactivestack:BlazeToReact

const LoginButtons = BlazeToReact(‘loginButtons’);

And then you can use < LogiButtons /> with accounts-ui package.

You can also use props to send data to your Blaze template. No need to code the same thing with React, you can have both world :smile:


I’m revisiting the use of account-ui in Blaze wrapped in React, and now I found this package: I might need to roll my own, but this looks good.