Accounts-UI with React SSR

Hello community, in the React tutorial, we use a wrapper to get Accounts-UI in React.

Well that doesn’t work in my project because I have static-HTML in my project for SSR, hence I am unable to use Blaze-templates simultaneously.

Is there a status-Quo on the question? Is there a way to import Blaze in static-html, or to use React SSR in blaze-template-html?

What do you think ?

I sincerely regret that MDG now React is more recommended than Blaze, but still Blaze is the best thing and has no React equivalence.

What I am supposed to do? I can as well build my own accounts but I wanted to rapid prototype so I am pretty sad you can guess

As far as I know MDG does not recommend React over anything…

Yes sorry but since server-render core package doesn’t work with blaze they dropped the hint.

Anyone know a better solution to get both SSR and accounts-ui ?