Accounts - Unable to create new accounts since upgrading to 1.11

I upgraded to the latest 1.11. When I click register for a new account it always says account not found on create. It however does create the account but does not insert the json how it was in previous versions. I tried reverting my baseline back two weeks and it still won’t work now. This is a core package and just at a loss for why this is happening. Its the out of the box functionality.

*Update: I downgraded back to 1.10.2 with all the subsequent packages, reset my database locally and was able create a new user account. The user account format has changed in the new version and is breaking account registration. I have more testing to do if anyone else comes across this in the mean time.


When I try to register a new user it creates it in the database and then comes back and says “No user Found”. The format of the user account in json is also off. It has email vs. a nested emails object. Its like the new account is in a bad format from what was there before. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this would be appreciated.

New account record in the database:
“_id” : “sPgir9pGMak6RGi9f”,
“email” : “”,
“password” : {
“digest” : “89959c24ff16eabc25d2d567c3e6c9673244ecfb5066c0557f167d4928e41700”,
“algorithm” : “sha-256”

defaultLayout: ‘appLayout’,
defaultLayoutRegions: {},
defaultContentRegion: ‘area’,
showForgotPasswordLink: true,
overrideLoginErrors: false,
enablePasswordChange: true,
// forbidClientAccountCreation : true,
hideSignUpLink: false, // allow new counts?
sendVerificationEmail: false,
enforceEmailVerification: false,
confirmPassword: true,
negativeValidation: true,
positiveValidation: true,
negativeFeedback: false,
positiveFeedback: true,

// Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
termsUrl: ‘terms-of-use’,
privacyUrl: ‘privacyPolicy’

Accounts.ui.config({ passwordSignupFields: ‘USERNAME_AND_EMAIL’ });

requestPermissions: {}

This indeed looks wrong. Can you reproduce this without the useraccounts packages?

Exception in defer callback: Error: No such template: atForm
at lookup.js:189
at Blaze.View. (spacebars.js?hash=3fe9af696e128faeb64cb3b88e59dcf3d4ced009:68)
at view.js:196
at Function.Template._withTemplateInstanceFunc (template.js:490)
at view.js:194
at Object.Blaze._withCurrentView (view.js:533)
at Spacebars.include:anonymous (view.js:193)
at Computation._compute (tracker.js:308)
at new Computation (tracker.js:206)
at Object.Tracker.autorun (tracker.js:576)

I finally figured out what the error was about. When an account is created I have send a verification email like below:

Accounts.onCreateUser(function (user,options){
Meteor.setTimeout(function() {
}, 2 * 1000);
return user;

I went ahead and removed this.

That is strange. The first error suggest an issue in a form. The second code should be set on a server, no need for a timeout there. Maybe another hook might be better suited for that action. Also depending on your approach you might not even have to send verification email manually.