`Accounts.validateLoginAttempt(func)` in document

In document,

All registered validate login callbacks are called, even if one of the callbacks aborts the login. The later callbacks will see the allowed field set to false since the login will now not be successful.

What is “registered validated login callbacks” ?

Is it "Accounts.validateLoginAttempt(func) ?

If it is, can I declare multi “Accounts.validateLoginAttempt(func)” ?

I’ve looked at the source code and the answers would appear to be:

Yes and Yes :smile:.

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Oh Thank you @robfallows !! :smile:

In terms of multiple callbacks, what is the order in which they are called? Are callbacks registered from within packages called first (and possibly in the order in which the packages are loaded?), followed by callbacks registered in the actual app itself? Or is it completely arbitrary?