AccountsTemplates.configure({showReCaptcha: true}) Show reCaptha only on Sign Up Form not on Sign In Form

I am a novice on Meteor. I am using following accounts packages -


Now, I am using {{atForm}}. I am configuring AccountsTemplates to show Google reCaptha on SignIn form. I got site and secret keys and set those up in my app. I am getting reCaptha on SignUp form but not on SignIn form. I need just opposite to it.

Please help. Thanks in advance!

This is not something I’ve used, so I’ll probably be of little help. Are you using a recaptcha package, or is the recaptcha functionality built into the aldeed or useraccounts packages?

Yes, I think so; it’s from the packages that I listed in my post. I am not using any package specific to raCaptha.

So, I’ve found the configuration instructions. I assume you’ve followed these?

Yes, I did.

I assume, I followed all the instructions on that correctly, based on the fact that reCaptcha does show up on SingUp (registration) form. It works as expected too. All I need is it to be on SingIn form instead.

The docs say it appears on the sign-in form, and I see you’ve opened an issue on GitHub. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s not being actively supported any more.

The only option may be to clone the repo and fix the client code yourself.

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Thanks, @robfallows. I will dig through it. Thanks again for looking into it.