AccountsTemplates.logout() only working once without browser refresh

I am experiencing a really odd thing that only popped up last week. Without any changes to login/logout code, the logout button stopped working properly. As it stands, I can only log-out the first time after a browser refresh. I don’t need to reset the cache or restart the browser, a simple F5 allows logout again. I have tried with firefox and chromium on linux; chrome and IE9 on windows all to the same effect.

I didn’t use a /sign-out route before, but when testing I get the “logging out” message as well as the proper redirect. AccountsTemplates.logout() seems untouched, and when I change it to Meteor.logout() it behaves the same.
Router.route('/sign-out', { name: 'signOut', onBeforeAction: function () { console.log("logging out"); AccountsTemplates.logout(); this.redirect('/'); } });

The culprit, part of the 2 factor authentication on login.

var conf = Session.get("conf");
if (conf == undefined){'auth');
    delete Session.keys.conf;
} else {'auth');, conf.args);
    //Go to the desired landing page and clear conf
    delete Session.keys.conf;

I debugged the process and found a malformed method invocation error when, conf.args); was called without the proper arguments. It was this error that was being cleared on browser refresh, thus allowing me to log out properly.