Achieving mobile UX with Meteor and Blaze

What are the go-to frameworks/packages for getting a Mobile UX/UI feeling (swiping, etc.) on Meteor? Assume Blaze is going to be used. Meteoric is not actively maintained. Preferably not raw Bootstrap + jQuery as this feels very websitey and less mobiley.

There is a more maintained version of Meteoric but we have not tried it yet.

We are still using original branch of Meteoric (with some of our own minor tweaks) with Meteor just fine. Our entire app has been ported to “/imports” style architecture with all ES6 compatible code using import/export. UI works just fine for our needs. I don’t know of another tightly coupled mobile UI stack for Blaze.

There are other Mobile UI stacks you can “port” yourself such as the new Onsen 2 that has a javascript only version (no Angular or React dependencies) that could be promising or you could use something like Framework 7, but that pretty much takes over the DOM manipulatation itself if I understand things correctly.

In the future we are moving our mobile (and web apps) to React using a React Component UI library, of which there are many if you search this forum. We will also test using React Native apps when Apollo (reactive GraphQL) becomes a bit more real.

Have you thought about using Angular 2 with Ionic 2? Ionic 2 looks very, very nice. The only problem is that I’m not quite sure how to get DDP into an app built that way.

Angular 2, and hence Ionic 2, are supported with Meteor as I understand it, so this would be an option if you want to use Angular 2.

There are quite a number of forum threads on using Ionic2/Angular2 with Meteor if you do a search. Also, this looks like an interesting start