Action Needed for New Deploys by April 30th - wkhtmltox/PhantomJS/poppler - breaking changes

Hey guys,

I saw the breaking changes email and trying to work something out.

In our apps package.json, we use none of these packages. They also do not show up in the .meteor/packages file.

This means we should be fine right. Is there any specific test I can run to work out if we will be affected? Thanks in advance much appreciated.

What email was this?

There’s nothing about this in the release notes, nor Meteor emails, and even google is turning up a blank?

And the link is - Default base image | Galaxy Docs

Sorry i don’t know what you mean? I got an email from MDG about it.

Ahhh okay, I didn’t check Galaxy because I don’t use it :sweat_smile:

Looks like it shouldn’t affect you, but other ubuntu updates might.

You can follow the “Migration steps” under the link you posted

  • We recommend that you test first your app with the new base image in your staging environment on Galaxy first! Just change your settings.json to include the baseImage ( 20210423T151822Z_93d0399 ):
    "": {
        "baseImage": {
            "repository": "meteor/galaxy-app",
  • After deploying, you will be using the same image we are going to use as default starting on 30/April/21.
  • Don’t change your baseImage property using Galaxy Edit Settings UI, it’s not going to have any effect. It needs to be a new full deploy to force a new image creation.
  • If you don’t deploy a new version of your app you will continue to use the previous base image.
  • After testing in a staging environment you have two options to apply this change to your production environment:
    1. Keep this setting in your app and you are ready to go, this base image will be always used.
    2. Starting from April 30th, 2021 you can remove this part of your settings as this base image is going to be the default.