Adapting themeforest themes?

I’m trying to whip a quick app together and I didn’t want to waste too much time doing design so I thought we’d buy a themeforest theme.

I’m using meteor with react. I’m at best a novice, and I’m not sure what the best way to get all the javascript plugins that come with theme to work properly. Could anyone help give me a direction on what I need to do to get these to load properly in the right order?

Do I have to wrap them as packages?

Really getting frustrated with this, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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it’s very painful. There’s no easy way.

I started writing a long book about migrating themes, before they dropped blaze.

I think this is one of the biggest problem of meteor, with no easy solution.

One big problem is that commercial themes are coded with feet, so you gotta first fix the bugs, then start porting, e.g: several years old version of libraries, that when updated breaks everything.

Additionally, every single theme is written (bundled) differently. Every time you have to start from scratch.

With Blaze is’s a PITA but doable. With React I don’t even know where (and how) to start. Or should I at all :wink:

AFAIK there’s only one Meteor “compatible” - very basic stuff, still needs a lot of work. Very nice though.

I would suggest getting a theme from

As opposed to themeforest, these are cleaner, and don’t include 180MB (for real) of junk unnecessary jquery and javascript hacks from all over the net. Besides, all these full page sliders are not amusing anymore.

Just get a good solid bootstrap theme with just css, because that’s what you need. And provide user niceties with packages, like swal (sweet alert), and so forth. Animations can be achieved with jquery. Other cutesies probably can be achieved with packages. There are tons of packages for meteor.

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Thanks juliakoe, that’s a great idea. I get quite annoyed with some of the themes and all the random scripts being run on them.