Add official documentation for Accounts.registerLoginHandler



Please add some docs for Accounts.registerLoginHandler.

For 3 days I had been looking for a way to create an apollo-based account system very much like but with some custom functionality. 3 days! :frowning:

(It has to be custom because our Electron and React-Native apps are going to talk to the same endpoint – so Meteor Accounts is like an accounts microservice for us).

After much google-foo I was able to cook up something. I had to dig deep into Meteor and stuff. It was a good learning experience.

Things could be much quicker if the login handler method and associated patterns, etc. could be documented somewhere officially. Perhaps you guys could make an “Advanced Docs” or something with all such stuff.


PS: was a lifesaver.


working link:

that one is newer:

but not new enough: in the registerLoginHandler, the field id of the returned object was renamed to userId.

    return {
        userId: someUser._id,
        token: stampedToken,