Add package from github? (not available on atmosphere)

I’m trying to add the md-data-table ( package to my meteor project.
I’ve git cloned the fork into my packages folder but when I executed the “meteor add angular-material-data-table” command I got a message saying there’s no such package. What am I doing wrong?

That isn’t a Meteor package ready project. You will either have to make it package ready yourself, or use a version that somebody else has already prepared. You’re in luck though - take a look at alonw:angular-material-data-table.

Thank you, but the version you sent me isn’t updated enough for the angular-material package I’m using…
How can I make this package a meteor package?

Check out Atmosphere’s Publishing Packages guide, reading the Packaging third party libraries section in particular. With this knowledge you can then look at how alonw:angular-material-data-table has done it via GitHub.

The above being said, you might instead want to consider forking the project I linked to, updating it, and submitting your updates back to the author via a PR.