Add Packages from Private Repo on Github

How would one go about adding a package from a Private Repo.

If you are wondering why I might want to do this it is because I am developing an app and I want to separate out the core features so that I can build a desktop version as well and keep the assets that are unused from being on the Mobile App and the Desktop app.

Check this thread out:

That is defiantly one way to do it but wouldn’t you have to update the config file every time you make a change to the package?

My project is still using old-fashioned meteorite for our git packages, and it works just fine. If you’re starting something new, you should at least check out the awesome new tool they wrote, but if it doesn’t work for you, you could try meteorite.

If you are using git, then you can use git submodule add to add that private repo’s package to your apps packages/ directory. It’s not ideal, but it works fine.