Add password to oauth user


So I have a user that signed up with facebook but no longer has access to that account. He attempted to use his email on the reset password form, but it says ‘User not found’. I can see his document in the users collection and the email is correct.

What can I do?


You can always set the password from server code.


I need him to be able to set his own password. Using Accounts.sendResetPasswordEmail('<usersUserId>') results in an error

Error: No such email for user. [403]


Figured it out. oauth didn’t set an ‘emails’ property on the user document.


@bmanturner It seems like you’ve found that retrieving the email from the oauth information and placing it in the original meteor user email field during account creation solves the problem of potentially having two un-merged accounts? :thinking: For instance, I have seen several packages, articles, and questions about users signing up again with the same email they use for oauth which then result in them having two different user record accounts.


This may be of use to you. I use it in my project: