Add Roles in new account User

Page creating an account driver http: // localhost: 3000 / driver / join method called /imports/api/users/methods.js= >
createDriver (), which should normally assign the CONST.USER_ROLES.DRIVER role for this new account , but following the creation account , http: // localhost: 3000 / s / driver / vehicles ( / imports / ui / pages /driver-vehicles.html ) is not displayed due to the
precondition if (! Helpers.isDriver ()) in /imports/startup/client/router.js router

You can’t create your own custom fields at the root level of the user object. What I mean is, something like this wouldn’t work:

  email: '', // this is OK
  password: 'test', // this is OK
  firstName: 'Person', // this is not OK
  roles: SOME_VALUE, // this is not OK
  profile: {
    anyPropertiesWithinProfileAreOk: true,

Except using profile is not recommended, so I’ve created a hook that will let me create a user with items in profile, but it will move them to the root level upon user creation:

Accounts.onCreateUser((options, user) => {
   * The official Meteor Guide recommends not storing things in user.profile. So
   * this will mutate any newly created user and just put profile information at
   * the root level which is recommended. So when using Accounts.createUser,
   * go ahead and use profile, and this will handle fixing it.
   * Reference:
  return { ...user, ...options.profile };

Now I can do things like this:

Accounts.createUser({ email: '', password: 'test', profile: { firstName: 'Person' } });

And the hook above will move firstName to the root level.