Added a js file and it shows in the network, but I can't use it?

I’m trying to add icons with’s script/setup.

I’m getting a 200 in the network for the iconic.min.js file which is in the public directory. I’m linking the css and that’s showing up fine. I’ve got the svg files in the public directory too, but it’s still not seeming to work with the JS.

Is there something that needs to be done to make external js files “work”?

I checked to make sure the setup works outside of meteor and it does just fine. I don’t know what’s stopping it in meteor and I’m not getting any errors to debug??? Thanks for any help.

You probably want to put the .js file into client/compatibility:

Didn’t seem to help. I’m still seeing it in the network tab with a 200 but it’s not applying any styling to the svg files. Any other ideas of things I can try?