addGraphQLSubscriptions in subscriptions-transport-ws@0.9.0

I’ve just copy-pasted my code to new project and in console this:

Uncaught TypeError: addGraphQLSubscriptions is not a function…

What am I doing wrong??

O! Cool!!


@mistic mistic released this 5 days ago

docs(README): Fix example for subscribe and subscribeToMore PR #273
Add support for GraphQL 0.11.0 PR #261
BREAKING CHANGE: Remove support for Subscription Manager PR #261
BREAKING CHANGE: Remove support for all deprecated API PR #272

ThenI found this:
addGraphQLSubscriptions => use apollo-link-split instead
but I didn’t find apollo-link-split. Cool-cool… No docs, no tuts, nothing.

Now i’ve downgraded to 0.8.3.

Guys from MDG, what are you doing???!