Adding 3rd party payment functionality to a meteor js website

I am trying to embed a shopify buy button within my meteor website.
I want to add it to my product page that has a product image and some product description.
I have this reference but not clear to me what the best approach is in the case of meteor.

A more general, and perhaps interesting question, is which 3rd party payment services work in a meteor js site?
I am loathe to abandon meteor after the time I’ve invested in it but I am, at the same time, not sure if extends to accommodate payment functionality.


Worked out the issue of how to add a Shopify Buy sales channel to my meteor js site as detailed here . I would still like to know the answer to the more general question related to what payment methods work in meteor js and what are the best practices.

Heres an example with Stripe:

Thanks @pal Interesting article especially given that shopify uses stripe under the hood.