Adding a collaborator (developer) - Specified user does not exist

Hi, I am trying to add a collaborator (developer) to my account and following the instructions on this page
Collaborators | Galaxy Docs (at step # 2) I get:

Specified user does not exist.

I then tried opening a new account from scratch and still had the same problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Btw, I have an working app in this account and everything works fine. Only problem is adding a developer to the account.

*** instructions pasted from link above for reference **

Get Galaxy for organizations

  1. Create a new organization at - Meteor account settings
  2. Add your collaborator[s] to the new organization
  3. Sign your new organization account up for Galaxy
    (Log in as your user account; select “As a team”.)
  4. Sign in to [Galaxy] with your individual Meteor Developer Account
  5. Access your organization by toggling the Galaxy menu !
  6. Enter payment details for your organization
  7. [Deploy new apps]or [transfer existing apps] to this organization.