Adding a RegExp Serializer to EJSON causes issues with collection.find()

I recently added a RegExp serializer to EJSON, to be able to pass a query with a regex object from client to server. Something like this:

// client
var query = { tag: {$not: new RegExp("cre", "im")} };
Meteor.subscribe("posts", EJSON.stringify(query));

// Server
Meteor.publish("posts", function(query) {
    cursor = Posts.find( EJSON.parse(query) );

This throws an Exception “MongoError: unknown operator: EJSON$type”

Here’s the repo

It seems that after parsing the query, it stringifies it internally and causing issues. Is this a bug? Is there a way around it?

In case someone else runs into a similar issue, here’s my workaround for now.

Meteor.publish("posts", function(query) {
  var self = this;
    rawPosts          = Posts.rawCollection();
    rawPosts.findSync = Meteor.wrapAsync(rawPosts.find);
    rawPosts.findSync( EJSON.parse(query) ).sort ({ ... }).skip(...).limit(...).toArray(function(err, res) {
        if (err) {
          return self.ready();
        _.each(res, function(val) {
          self.added("posts", val._id, val);

I’ve just stumbled into not being able to send RegExps to Meteor server.
I’ve ended with a far simpler solution: Simply stringify your RegExp via .toString(), send it to the server and then parse it back to RegExp.