Adding accounts-ui and accounts-password breaks the app

Hello there,
I am trying to follow the tutorial in this link
But whenever i add the accounts-ui and accounts-password packages the console is filled with errors like

Cannot read property 'Template' of undefined


Cannot read property 'Blaze' of undefined

Note: I have checked this blog post New Meteor app crashes after adding accounts-password
Tried deleting .local and my ~/.meteor folder with no luck.

Thanks in advance.

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accounts-ui is a package that depends on Blaze and thus expects it to be installed. Maybe you should check out an alternative ui package written for react

 metero search accounts-ui | grep react
alt:react-accounts-ui                              Alternative accounts ui us...
jeremy:react-accounts-ui                           React UI for Meteor Accounts
okgrow:accounts-ui-react                           Accounts-ui wrapped in React.
sonynn:react-accounts-ui                           Accounts UI for React in M...

Thanks a lot.
I thought they were trying to “wrap” blaze into react ?
If this doesn’t work universally for everyone then this should be removed from the tutorial then.

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Hi, I’m also creating a new Meteor project, and I’m surprised to struggle finding maintained ‘accounts-ui’ alternatives for React (not using Blaze hunder the hood).

Accounts-ui was a very useful module for prototyping with Meteor, with an easy learning curve. I guess I will have to do my own this time.

@nourmansour is right, we need to update the docs.

Yes, that’s true. The best I could find was meteoreact:accounts, but this isn’t maintained anymore. It’s also a bit inflexible if you want to modify fields, so I had to fork and modify it to fit my needs.

Thank you for the heads up. So I tried the didrip fork, and I made a fork to work with Meteor 2.0 and fix minor issues.
Note that I haven’t tested a lot yet nor published it to any package manager.