Adding discourse comments to the blog

Hey, we’re in the process of connecting the Discourse forums and the blog; in the meantime there will be a ton of new threads about each blog post ever made… sorry about that!

Edit: We’re done!

Most of the posts have been imported now, and shouldn’t be cluttering up the front page anymore. But every new post will now be automatically cross-posted to the forum, so that we don’t have a separate comment thread on the blog!

If you comment here, it will show up on the blog, and vice versa.


Well, this will make this forum unusable for a while — no sense to put messages or answers on. :frowning:

Well, the more you comment on posts that aren’t blog-related, the more the blog ones will get hidden!

Yeah … but only after that

are imported - no chance to win else

Haha yeah. I’m going to go through and change all of the timestamps to a month ago so they don’t show up on the front page.

Good decision :wink: (added a few more chars to put in more that 20 chars before this forum let me post my message)

OK! That wasn’t as hard as I expected. All done! Going to update the title.

Well :slight_smile: Forums front page looks nice again - thanks for that update!

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