Adding submit events when using quickform

So I tried looking at the quickform docs and adding the following just seeing if I can at least console.log something

  updatingRecipeId: {
      onSubmit: function (insertDoc, updateDoc, currentDoc) {
          return false;

The following code is how I added the quickform to my Template

{{> quickForm  collection="Recipes"  id=updateRecipeId  type="update"  doc=this  class=submitForm}}

Also tried just adding an event handler

'submit .submitForm': function(){

Hey, I’m doing something similar with quickForms & hooks, but I think I see the issue you’re having:

When you add the quickForm to your template, you select the id, but you’re currently passing a helper function, updateRecipeId, which happens when you don’t wrap the string in quotes…

You should try setting id=“updateRecipeId”.