Adding too many assets: Some assets don't get bundled

Is there a limit to the amount of assets you can add to a package via addAssets? We have this very weird use-case in my company where we need to compile styles in runtime, meaning we need the assets available for the server to read from. But after a certain amount of style files added with addAssets some files started being ignored by the build process.

Is anyone aware of this? Is this a bug or a limit by design?

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What kind of numbers are you talking about? 100’s / 1000’s of files?

It’s the _addFiles method in the isobuilder which is responsible for pushing the assets onto an array of assets. I can’t see any hardcoded limits here. However, it does look like it’s possible to fool the method with Unix-like pathnames on Windows machines.

Less than 1000 probably more than 100

Hmm, I’m gonna try to repro this in a new repo and post it here.

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Found the issue, got repro repo:

It think:

This is a known issue. Files which are the same are not added 2 times, they are de-duplicated.

See for example:

It should not be an issue if you use the normal getters for the assets. They handle this so you can still load the files on the same path.