Adding users error: no plugin found for accounts_ui.styl in ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3

Hey everyone,

So I have been learning Meteor with the book but for some reason I can’t find a solution for the following error:

error: no plugin found for accounts_ui.styl in ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3; a plugin for *.styl was active when it
was published but none is now

I have tried the things people wrote on previous posts but nothing has worked so far:

Added stylus again,
removed dependencies and added them again
updated everything

Anyone any idea what I can still try?

(EDIT) I managed to solve this and posted the solution on stackoverflow. Check the solution here.

I get solved that error by reading this.
Be sure you add stylus package first for latest version installation. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, I already managed to solve it on my own :slight_smile:

I followed the stack overflow suggestion, but was silly and did not know the stylus package was different from something like mquandalle:stylus.

I followed taylorwc’s code suggestion and it worked! github

Still a noob, so it took a while!

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Heh, even before I could reply :slight_smile:
Happy to hear!

Have a good day!