Additional Blaze libraries on top of Sideburns

In each Blaze vs React topic here on forums, there’s an often repeated argument about the use of Sideburns for our Blaze apps on top of React. But let’s be honest, not all of us use pure Blaze.

That’s why I wanted to ask you guys, who managed to use some of the following libraries with Sideburns, how easy the implementation was and what didn’t go as you expected it to?

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Are you sure? I use pure Blaze.
It would be cool to know for sure. With a survey? An automatic audit with the kind of tool @acemtp used here?

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Good idea , I’ll do that in the next version of rank :slight_smile:

Steve, I’m happy that you’re fine with pure Blaze. And I’m happy that you pushed this topic up the list. But… you know what. :wink:

Sorry @brajt, I couldn’t resist.

(and bump again!)

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