Additional Response/Flair Options?


As I cruise the forums here, I’m wondering about the possibility of adding additional emoji/flair responses to the posts.

My primary use case comes from conversing in slack, and using a thumbs up or checkmark to indicate that I’ve seen a post/comment, even if there isn’t a reason to reply immediately.

I made a note to myself to post here and find out about the possibility of adding this functionality, if I saw myself missing it multiple times in a week, which has obviously happened.

There is an existing plugin for Discourse, that would also allow the forum mods to limit the reactions, and seems to be pretty well maintained.

Also, I feel like we’ve gotten pretty used to voting github style, which would be easy to do in-thread, rather than having to put together polls.

Just a thought?


You can add a poll to any post, so I don’t think voting is a good reason to add it. I usually just use the :heart: button to indicate I read a post.

  • We need reactions
  • Polls are good enough

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Honestly, that’s what I’ve started doing, and I think it’s easy enough to interpret contextually, if you’re involved in the conversation. Not trying to make extra work for anyone, just wanted to follow through with my mental note :wink: