Admin for i18n-db collections

Hello. I use package tap:i18n-db but in my admin panel form I can’t get the value of fields “i18n…”.QuickForm displays only the value for current language, and the remaining fields are empty (in db all data fields are filled). Please tell me how to get the value of a field in all languages in my admin form.
My collection:

Category = new TAPi18n.Collection('categories');
       CategorySchema = new SimpleSchema({
       title: {
             type: String,
             label: "Name1"
            type: String,
            label: "Name2"

My publish:

TAPi18n.publish('allCategories', function(){
                 return Category.i18nFind({});

My subscription:


My form for editing in admin:

{{> quickForm collection="Category" doc=this id="updateCategory" type="update"}}