Advantage if use meteor for social network base application

hi what are the advantage if use meteor for real time update application like social network base application ?

Advantage: easy to build and incredibly responsive
Disadvantage: inevitable performance and scaling problems

The scaling problems @msavin refers to are mostly related to mongodb. Social media apps require highly relational data, which might become troublesome when scaling to a lot of users. The second problem with mongodb is the oplog tailing and inevitable performance issues with that.
You could build it with apollo though, that way you would have access to other databases like rethinkdb and neo4j.

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what about data base … Mongo is better for that

@nlammertyn how about SEO …?

I actually think MongoDB is great for social apps. I’d suspect you’d want to design around a NoSQL database since you can store a lot of data easily and scale it with no problems.

The main problem I see is oplog tailing yes

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Advantage: Already have Socialize packages to help you build social features quickly.

this is realy helpfull @msavin thanks mate