Advantages of using meteor with existing java server

Hello everyone,

we are new on meteor and we think it is amazing for a lot of projects.
In our actual project we have already a SERVER exposing REST services and WEB SOCKETS, we wrote an angular2 web app which is calling this HTTP services. Now we have to write also mobile apps for android and ios, reusing if possible our code, so we considered to do it with IONIC.

Our question is, what are the advantages to use METEOR + Angular 2 (with IONIC) for mobile clients, if we have already a SERVER? Are there advantages using METEOR with existing server?

can anyone help me with this question?

I’m probably not the best person to answer this question but I’ll give it a go anyway :slight_smile:. If you want to use your existing REST service I think there aren’t really any advantages per-say as it will take extra work to get your existing server to communicate with Meteor’s server.

To use your REST service I think you’ll want to check out Meteor’s HTTP module and read up about this.changed/this.added/this.removed for pubsubs.

It might be worth while using Apollo instead as this would be more capable of working with your existing service.

My problem is, I can’t use meteor server side, if I can I would like to use meteor as fullstack framework. Why using meteor and not ionic? For now Ionic has disabled angular2 router, and I don’t like to use there routing and navigation.
So for now I’m in big troubles.