Adventures in Docker Land

I switched to Docker recently. Here’s blog post about it.

Very good.

In docker it’s an standard to run one process per container.
Then you can manage them separately and access logs. Just like different processes.

Running multiple containers is very easy and cheep.
So, here’s the best approach.

Make your meteor app into a separate image. Link your meteor container into the nginx container.

Using cadvisor and logspout is very interesting.

Thanks for the tips Arunoda. It’d be really cool if the nginx container could route traffic to any meteor containers that were on the server without having to tell the nginx container about them. I’m only doing one meteor app per server right now though and working on other things so maybe one day.

I like how easy logspout and papertrail were to setup. I’m easily within papertrail’s free plan.

Then you need to re-configure nginx after you added a new container. This leads to a more stuff.

Try these Etcd with Confd.

Then, it came to Kubernetes as they support these kind of things natively.