Advice for create push notification of appointment like Facebook, Gmail?

I have Appintemnt Event Collection like this

   {_id: ..., title: 'A', eventDate: '2015-07-25'}
   {_id: ..., title: 'B', eventDate: '...'}
   {_id: ..., title: 'C', eventDate: '...'}

I want to push notification for all doc that eventDate is current date on menu bar (React)

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You really need to start writing your posts in more detail. And although it’s not 100% clear what you want to achieve here, I think this would be a perfect question to try and ask on IRC #meteor first :slight_smile:

I want to push notification like Inbox (2) in Gmail if eventDate of records is equal the current date.
Oh I think that it like the new post in this forum, it will alert Title of new post (1) with blue bgcolor if it have the new reply.

Do you want to do an actual push notification (this is a feature you see on smartphones and brand new also in Chrome, it’s like a popup) or just a notification like you have in the forum on top at the speech bubble where you see new thread replies?

For the latter I believe there is an official package by Meteor group. Otherwise you could also have a look at how to implement it yourself (complicated) or use this, which is a lot easier to use:

Since it’s only possible in Chrome anyway at this point and Chrome has excellent webcomponents support you also don’t need to include the webcomponents polyfill, so this should enhance progressively very well.

Very thank, I will try.
Now i found one raix:push, but I am not sure.