Advice How To Learn React for Meteor


Hi guys. I want my project to use React. So I am planning to learn it. So what do you think is the official tutorial enough to start using React with Meteor? If no what else is necessary to get me started?


Learn react first. You have a lot of guidance out there in the wild. Next step, learn how to use it in Meteor:

Benefit from Meteor’s reactivity:


A method container I built for fun:


Thank you for your reply.
Yes out there in the wild I find a lot of information on react but one thing that I see people mention frequently is “don’t learn React only, learn flux/redux etc etc” and so goes some lists of technologies I do not know. So for meteor development I hope learning react itself is enough, isn’t it?


First learn React.

Learn how to loop elements. How to bind events. How to modify state, etc.

Then learn FLUX pattern. Don’t go for implementations. Just learn the main idea behind FLUX, it’s very interesting.

Then dive into Meteor. And when you realize that your app has lots of variables involved and you need a state management solution. Go for MobX or Redux. I personally do not see the need of either in the beginning and for simple apps.