Advice to create breadcrumb package for Flow Router?

I want to create breadcrumb package for Flow Route.
Please advice.

I’m working on a fork of the Iron Router Breadcrumb package for Flow Router.

Its hacky, messy and not working at the moment so please don’t use it in production. But feel free to have a look and help out:

Use RouterLayer and have one package that supports them both.

I recommend forking your favourite packages that use iron:router, replacing IR specific syntax with RouterLayer syntax and submitting a PR to the original package author.

No need to fragment the ecosystem into packages specific to IR and packages specific to Flow, when it’s so much easier to maintain one set of high quality packages that supports either router (or future routers!).

Now I tried to create the breadcrumb package for flow-router
Atmospherejs: flow-router-breadcumb
Git: flow-router-breadcrumb
Please correct, if it have the problem.