Advisor for scalable database model needed

Hi guys and gals,

we’re a startup, currently trying to write our database covering hopefully as many needs as possible and being able to write and maintain it in a scalable way. We have an MVP working and are planning to grow for the next 2-3 months and in May then be able to scale our site across SEA as fast as we can.

Our new database engineer does not have experience with noSQL databases, that’s why we’re looking for someone to give us/her advice if her database model is how it would/should be done with Meteor/Mongo. Her job is it to make data subscriptions as easy as possible for us on the frontend.

We can’t really offer a lot except for maybe paying you back with some design services. We would really appreciate any advice you could give us. Do you have some recommendations who we could or should get in touch with to ask for mentorship/advisory?

Honestly, pick up your database engi a book on mongo. There’s far more concepts to learn than anyone can give in a reasonable amount of time for free. If she’s not willing to learn on her own she will struggle and try to use relational database concepts which isn’t what mongo was built to do.

For MongoDB knowledge - I can recommend the free courses at You don’t need to go through with the certification exams (but they’re pretty cheap).

TIP: The videos are a bit boring/slow, so set the playback speed to 2x.

As for Meteor/MongoDB performance; it’s a little bit of “the wild west”, There are not 100x examples of how to make each type of data structure scalable & performant.

The best course is to become experts yourself - set up some benchmarking - calibrate it with real work loads and data.