Affordable hosting for non-critical apps options

What are my hosting options for package demo apps and other non-commercial, non-mission-critical apps which I want to be publicly available?

We originally had a few things hosted on the Meteor free plan which I’d like to deploy again. It seems the cheapest Galaxy plan is about $29 per month right? Is that gonna be the best option? I’m not much of a devOps guys, but is there an exceedingly easy step-by-step on how I could maybe host on Digital Ocean very cheaply?

Must appreciated!

I guess Modulus might be a cheaper alternative to Galaxy, if my little apps run reasonably enough on these specs

Another option you may want to consider is NodeChef. The $9/month package will suit your requirements very well.

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This prices just suck. Check out OVH. For only 3.5$ / month you’ll get 2gb of RAM, this will be more than enough for hosting multiple meteor apps.

The setup is the same as DO as it’s the same vps. I think you just need to dedicate some time to do it once or find a guy, who can setup / show how to do it for you :wink:


This is wow. I pay $30 bucks to AWS for a 1gb 1 core. and 12 gb SSD. I will really consider this as alternative for small.

OpenStack KVM
2 vCores
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10
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If you don’t depend on a backend I highly recommend checking out in combination with It’s free and I have my personal site hosted on there.


Thanks Matteodem,

interesting! I’m a big fan of Netlify, I suppose with meteor-build-client I could post it there too?

thanks @knana! that seems to be the best option yet in terms of price and easy of deployment!

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the Meteor community is amazing


It would be awesome if galaxy had a $5-$10 tier for things like portfolio sites or example apps that get > 100 page views a month. I’d throw 3-4 apps up on something like that even if it came with a (virtually) zero customer support warning (or some other trade off).

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I can understand why they don’t though: one support issue could wreak a two year’s worth of profit for $7 accounts! :wink:

yeah, meteor-build-client builds a client only web app basically.

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Hi @matteodem
Does that mean it needs to be database-free, or can it still connect to a db provider? If you just have a static dataset, can you just load it from json into minimongo or something?

For surge to work it needs to be database-free, yes. (that’s why it’s free, because it basically is just hosting static files + some neat routing rules:


I wonder if you could host a GraphQL app statically if all the API calls were performed on the client…

definitely. you could have a GraphQL / REST API server and make all the calls from your client side code.

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Wow! I’ve just tried Surge and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for sharing!:+1:

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