After Updating Meteor Weird things happening


Today my meteor was updated. Once I entered the command in order to run meteor. my cmd has started to download an update. I waited a bit however after 10 minutes I ended up with my hard drive full.

Aparently Meteor has redownloaded some packages, tried to install them and since installation failed it repeated the process until my C drive got bloody red. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am using Window 7

Any help?

Thanks in advance regards.


Try uninstalling Meteor, and go into user/appdata/roaming or user/appdata/local, and delete the meteor folder if it’s still there, then install Meteor again. Good to have a clean reset sometimes.


After uninstalling… as per @herteby’s suggestion.

I have found it is best to install the new version separately from updating my project. Here is how to do it:

  1. cd <non project directory>
  2. meteor help --release <new version> - this will install the dev bundle in \Users\<user>\AppData\local\.meteor\packages\meteor-tool (on Windows) It will not upgrade any projects.
  3. cd <project>
  4. meteor upgrade

For your specific project:
meteor help --release