After upgrade from to 1.8.1 exception: Exception from Tracker recompute function

Hello everybody!

First of all thank you for all the amazing stuff and enormous amount of effort you put in the platform!
Secondly; After three years of experience with the Meteor platform this is a desperate shout out for help. We are facing a really strange behaviour when upgrading our project from version to version 1.8.1.

The behaviour is follows :
When navigation to the application we subscribe to collections by making use of this code (Iron route in combination with Blaze templates) :

this.route('menu', {
        checkDirty: true,
        path: '/:environmentId?/menu/:param1?/:param2?/:param3?/:param4?/:param5?/:param6?',
        waitOn() {
            const url = Iron.Location.get().path;
            const environmentId = Session.get('environmentId');
            if (!Meteor.userId() || !environmentId) {
                return [];
            return [
                this.subscribe('userMenus', environmentId),
                this.subscribe('menuContent', url, Meteor.Device.isDesktop()), 
                this.subscribe('environments', { _id: environmentId }),

Unfortunately after roughly 4 minutes and 20 seconds the client application crashes (after subscribing) with the following error in the browser console :

When switching to our production branch which still runs on Meteor this behaviour cannot be reproduced.
I am aware that this is a very vague problem but I am convinced it is related to the update because a rollback of only the Meteor version makes this problem also disappear.

I really hope someone can point me in the right direction as this leaves us on version Thanks in advance for the effort .

Kind regards ,

i’m also stuck at 1.8.0, i’m waiting the 1.8.2 in hope i won’t have to investigate :face_with_monocle: