After Upgrading to MacOS Sierra Meteor apps fail to start?


Hello! Is anyone else having problems after installing MacOS Sierra?

All my apps now get stuck at “Starting your app” indefinitely (waited for 30+ min). I’ve tried Meteor reset to no avail and METEOR_PROFILE=1 METEOR_LOG=debug meteor --verbose doesn’t give any hints either.

Any advice?



After trying a bunch of random stuff what seems to have worked is to switch the iCloud Drive sync off and then on again. I assume some files were not synced properly which made Meteor fail to start.


You run your Meteor app from iCloud Drive? Doesn’t that make your computer hot?


MacOS Sierra uploads everything to the cloud by default which is where the problem started…


No, it uploads your Documents, Desktop, and iCloud folders by default.


yes, that’s where I had my “apps” folder. iCloud was trying to upload the bazillion small files that come with node includes and failing, meanwhile locking the folders themselves.

I only got Meteor working and restored access to my files by moving apps one by one to an external disk and disabling iCloud all-together.