Agenda for MCP organizational meeting January 2023

Happy new year! :tada:

The next MCP organizational meeting is happening on January 6th!

For now this is the agenda:

  1. Go over organization issues
  2. Releases
  3. Blaze
  4. async/await migration updates
  5. Community website & meetups
  6. Open forum

Please feel free to add any additional items you would like us to cover in this thread.

Make sure you register to attend:


Can you please add a time. The meetups link seems to not work.

Applied a fix, should be back up soon.

@storyteller can we add to the agenda:

  • SimpleSchema - collect requirements for a maintained Meteor version
  • Blaze Async - contributions
  • Meteor React Native - help out with testing
  • aldeed:tabular - maintainer wanted

Added to the agenda!