Aggregate + Datatables (and using Lookup to join relational data)?

Is it possible to make the features of Joining relational collections and sorting their fields for Datatables (and hopefully, searching)?

I could give up reactivity for this.

Aldeed:Tabular met the issues and closed with inactivity over a year.

Has anyone tried it before?

(Or, more likely, I might have to do it without Datatables, but instead roll out my own tables in the first place. Using Datatables is my ultimate goal but it is a pain in the ass trying to develop all the APIs for connecting Datatables from scratch. For just using Aggregation plugins (meteorhacks:aggregate), anyone has some sample codes of using it to generate a paginated table or something?)

I would like this too.

I have just made a portal for testing this thing from scratch.

  1. Testing with a simple <table><tr><td> each loop (DONE)
  2. Testing Aggregation pipeline jobs: $match, $count, $group, $lookup, $unwind, $project, $sort
    (DONE: $match, $group, $lookup, $unwind)
  3. Testing Reactivity for Joined collections. (Optional)
  4. Implementing with yet another new table client as a new library
  5. Implementing with Datatables as a new library (Ultimate goal, Datatables API is a beast for me.)

I could reproduce Relational DB functionalities by completing (1-3)

Possible Issues:

  1. When there is more than 1000 items, Is it a significant performance downgrader for doing $limit or $match after doing $lookups? i.e. Pipeline may look like this: Posts.find() => $lookup for comments => $lookup author => $unwind author => $match for a certain author => $limit to 20 posts

  2. can an array of children queried by $lookup be limited by $limit? i.e. it may look like: Posts.find() => $lookup for comments => $limit comments to 20 per 1 post => $lookup author => $unwind author => $match for a certain author => $limit to 20 posts

Possible solution for (2) => $project comments as root, and then $limit (need to create new publish query)

Supports Mongol - you can type ‘Ctrl - M’ to trigger the mongo browser

As a proof of concept,
I have completely implemented Relational into aldeed:tabular !

Here is the video example:

Aldeed tabular relational search: