Aggregating users and posts, and reactive publishing

I have two problems (that appear rather serious):

  1. I am using MongoDB however while most of my data is fine, I have some data that is easier to do in relational databases.

i.e. I have a Collection of Users, and a I have a collection of Posts. I would like to return all of the posts belonging to users which the current user has subscribed to, this screams join to me but it feels as though I’m hamfisting relational database design into MongoDB.

Am I just using MongoDB wrong? Is my design flawed?

  1. Regardless of how the data is aggregated, I cannot return a live cursor to the user. Reading from this page:

(Noting that every reactive join package I could find was wildly out of date)

It seems to me the only way to do so is through callbacks? (Without using any of the outdated packages) If such is the case any additional resources would be hugely appreciated.

I realize these questions are rather abstract (and I apologize!) but I’ve seemingly written myself into a corner here. Given that I’m new to Meteor\MongoDB I was hoping the more battle-hardened developers could lend me advice.

Any time given, regardless of outcome is hugely appreciated.

There is a way. Check it out